3 reasons why signage is important for your business


Signs are important to attract customers to your business. Before starting the operation of your business, you should plan on your signage. Here are the main reasons why signage is so necessary for your business.


Signs act as a silent salesman. Outdoor signs tell customers what your business is all about and what product or service you are selling. It must also say why you must buy the product or service. This sign differentiates your shop from the rest on the street. Interior signs help you locate the product you are looking for.


There are two types of exterior signs; one is ground mounted and the other is building mounted. Ground mounted signs are placed near a road so that it can get the attention of the moving people, whether they are walking or driving. Building mounted signs are placed on building and is intended for people who travel by foot. Ther are billboard signs and magnetic signs on vehicles as well which are used for promotion.

Marketing strategy

Signs are an effective marketing strategy. Signs containing business logos can enhance the brand image of business. Signs are used for drawing attention and announcing various promotional offers. They are also used to provide information about businesses. Unlike ads on paper or TV, signs are placed 24 hours a day and 365 days a week. So, it is a good marketing tool. If you have limited marketing budget, then the sign is a good way to market your business.

Without signage, your business won’t be known to customers. People won’t recognize your business in the middle of fierce competition without proper signage. So, you should allocate money for signage in your overall marketing budget.

Infographic by: www.fedex.com

Infographic by: www.fedex.com