3 types of signage you should consider for your retail business


There are various types of signage that businesses use today to promote their business. Here are the major types of signage that you should consider for your business.

1. Outdoor signage


This signage is the most important one as this is what encourages the customers to get inside the store. This signage creates the first impression customer gets of your business. These signs need to say who you are and why the customers must get inside. It must tell the customers that you provide something valuable that the customers shouldn’t miss. It is not necessary that a client who passes by your store the first time he or she sees the signage. He or she may pass by your store several times before wanting to find out what you have to offer. Outdoor signage can get entrance signs, window signs, sidewalk signs, etc. You should place these signs in places where customers walk by or drive by frequently.

2. Informational signage


This signage is seen inside stores that help customers to navigate through your store easily. A good informational signage will help customers find the item he or she is looking for without any trouble or wastage of time. This convenience in shopping will encourage customers to come to the store more often. Directional signage is also informational; it provides direction to the customer. For example, it shows the direction to the washroom. These must be written using large and bold fonts with visible colors.

3. Persuasive signage


This type of signage influences the customer’s behavior. The signage uses attractive or convincing language to influence a customer’s behavior. It advertises a product or service to the customers. Using persuasive messages create higher value for the product and increase the brand awareness. This, in turn, improves sales. These signs must be eye-catching. They must attract the customers to buy the product. An example of persuasive signage is ‘buy one get one free.’

These signages are always seen in most retail stores and are very important for a retail business. You should hire a professional sign company for designing these signs for your retail store.